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Iowa State Post-Game Overreaction - Sort Of

okay, so on Sunday evening it's hardly an overreaction. I swear I wrote this right after the game. Kind of. I tried  posting it earlier today from an Iowa rest area that has wireless access, and it does, but the only place it will go is to a map of the rest area. Obviously to Iowans there are no other destinations. Silly me.

  • Weird game. Told the Iowa State dude behind me that Iowa State had to get 10 points ahead before Nebraska's offense would kick it in gear and that was what happened.
  • The turnovers sucked badly. Obviously we can't afford them going up against Mizzou next week.
  • You got the feeling that Iowa State was never really in the game after the first half. They never gave up, never stopped playing, but the feeling in the stadium was that of whenever Iowa State scored, Nebraska could score again whenever they wanted.
  • Few missed tackles. The defense even made open field tackles. That's good. There was no booing so its like God answering a prayer.
  • Third down. Egad. We could not get off the field when Iowa State had the ball, due to any semblance of a pass rush.
  • The Ruud interception return was a thing of beauty. One of the defensive lineman blocked all the way down the field with Ruud cutting back and forth, with his final move juking Meyer (?) out of the way for the final dash to the end zone.
  • Cortney Grixby is electric!
  • On Iowa State's fake punk, they made the yardage for the first down but the punter was blasted as he was going out of bounds. Left foot still inbounds, right foot going out, he was hit hard and the refs threw  a personal foul penalty. It was a crappy call, but people around me were certain that he made the first down marker. Next thing we know, Nebraska gets the ball with the personal foul tacked on. No explanation from the refs. This was just one call, but the refs were horrible throughout the game.
  • The wind made some plays for both teams, at one point blowing the ball into the ground off an Iowa State kick-off. It was gusting hard throughout the game, another sign from God that if we're going to be a constant winner, we have to be able to run the ball.
  • We blew Iowa State's defensive line off the ball well when running the ball but we still don't have a good running game. Our young running backs had better mature quickly - they need to get more playing times.
  • Next week the offense needs to start playing right away instead of spotting the other team that 10 points.

Bottom line - Nebraska is 4-1 heading to Columbia next week. The Big 12 is anyone's conference now after the Texas and Oklahoma losses. I guess they read the media stuff that we're just a bunch of derelict programs.
How's it feel now, losers!!!!!!!!!???????

Big 12 NORTH!!!!!! It's going to be a great week on the blog!