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Morning Coffee - Enjoy Labor Day!

Yesterday the #1 Husker women's volleyball team destroyed #3 Penn State at the Qwest Center in Omaha, pulling off the sweep, 30-20, 30-21, and 30-27. The crowd of 13,081 set a record for being the largest regular-season crowd in NCAA history.

Sarah Pavan finished with 12 kills. Jordan Larson and Christina Houghtelling had 11 each, with Kori Cooper adding ten. Nebraska's next match is tomorrow afternoon against Cal-Poly at the Qwest Center. Cal-Poly is current ranked #18 in the AVCA Poll.

 Marlon Lucky was chosen as the Walter Camp offensive player of the week for 233 yards and four TD's against Nevada.

Nebraska's 413 yards on the ground were the most (so far) in Division I on opening weekend, and we were seven for eight in the red zone - the only non-score being the knee at the end of the game. Read more analysis at DXP.

Danny Woodhead had only a little over 100 rushing yards this past weekend as Chadron State College mauled Wayne State 55-14. The 5th-ranked CSC Eagles scored on seven of their ten possessions. Woodhead finished with 104 yards on 16 carries, but had four receptions for 99 yards. He is now 595 yards away from the All Division career rushing record.

Husker fans had plenty to be happy about with the past weekend. Other teams didn't fair so well. USC wasn't particularly impressive in their win over Idaho, even looking disinterested. Texas didn't live up to expectations, and Mizzou tried to choke their game away and some Aggies aren't happy with their win over Montana State.

And of course, then there's the comparison of Michigan's loss to Appalachian State to the crash of the Hindenburg. Now I know the difference between true disaster and football, but you have to wonder how many Michigan fans had the quick-flash burn of the Hindenburg going through their minds when that late field goal was blocked and nearly returned for a touchdown. "Oh, the humanity" is right on.

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