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BlogPoll First Release - 2007 Week One

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 LSU --
3 Oklahoma --
4 Wisconsin --
5 West Virginia --
6 California 3
7 Florida --
8 Virginia Tech 2
9 Texas 1
10 Louisville 1
11 Georgia 1
12 Ohio State 1
13 Nebraska 2
14 Auburn --
15 Penn State 2
16 Rutgers --
17 UCLA 1
18 Boise State 1
19 Tennessee 1
20 Georgia Tech 4
21 Oregon State --
22 Hawaii --
23 Arkansas 2
24 Texas A&M 1
25 Alabama 1

Dropped Out: Michigan (#6).

We have some decent games today that could affect the poll, i.e. should Florida State be ranked?

The Top Five remain unchanged. USC didn't look the greatest against Idaho, LSU was sluggish in the first half of their opener, Oklahoma was dominated as expected, Wisconsin and West Virginia gave up more points than I thought either of them would.

Cal moves up three places, benefiting the most from Michigan vacating. Scoring 45 points against a quality opponent gets the nod compared to the other teams around them. Tennessee doesn't drop, even with a loss. Vols QB Ainge played well, and they scored more than I expected on the road.

I'm dropping Michigan out of this poll until I see what they do against Oregon. I don't care that Appalachian State won titles at the Div-IAA level. This is Michigan. They have Chad Henne, Mike Hart, Mario Manningham and an offensive line that features a bunch of guys who will be playing on Sundays. If you're a team with these guys, you don't lose like this. Michigan is not a good football team. Great players, not a great team. Everybody moves up because of Michigan vacating the poll.

Texas drops one because of their unimpressive performance against Arkansas State. I didn't see this game, but if you go through the comments on the game day thread at Burnt Orange Nation, you can get the idea that Texas sucked.

Virginia Tech benefits from Texas sucking, moving up two. Georgia Tech moves up after beating up on Notre Dame. I picked them to win, figured they would, but not as impressively as they did. Leaves you wondering whether Georgia Tech is good, or Notre Dame sucks that bad. I'll go with the latter, but give GT benefit of the doubt.

Nebraska moves up two because I'm not moving Auburn. Their offense wasn't that good against Kansas State. I watched that game and couldn't help but think that this was yet another case of a Northern team playing a Southern team in their home stadium and getting screwed in the process. Any time Auburn was stopped, or needed a break, they got one from the refs.

I watched the Oregon State - Utah game, and I liked Oregon State's defense. Not only did they move to the ball very quickly, but they damaged Utah. Texas A&M played about where I thought they would, not scoring a whole lot against Montana State. Reports from someone at that game says that the Aggies shouldn't be ranked.

Alabama enters the poll, but given tonight's game it could be Florida State depending upon how they do against Clemson. Bottom line for Florida State? I'll rank them over Alabama, or maybe even move both Florida State and Alabama into the poll and drop the Aggies.

What do you think?