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Week 4 Husker Report Card: Ball State

Well... we all know what's coming, so settle back in and grab an appropriate beverage of your choice...  Once again, we're going to need signatures from some responsible adult in charge at the University of Nebraska...once we find one...

Offensive Line:  C-  OK, they pass blocked fine.  But absolutely no room to run against the undersized Cardinals?
Running Backs:  C-  Marlon Lucky and Roy Helu raised this grade for catching the checkdown passes.  But Marlon Lucky continues to struggle with running the ball inside, and that situation doesn't look like it will ever change.
Quarterback:  B-  80% completion rate looks great... but 2 fourth quarter turnovers nearly did the Huskers in yesterday.  Senior quarterbacks can't do that.
Wide Receivers:  A  Once again, they caught everything in sight yesterday.  And we can now officially say we've got a tight end in Sean Hill.
Defensive Line:  F  No pass rush against a somewhat undersized offensive line?
Linebackers:  D-  Passing only because Bo Ruud got the Huskers back into yesterday's game with his interception return.
Secondary:  F  Ball State made you look silly all day.
Special Teams:  B+  Well, our kickoff units got way too much work in again.  Nice to see Kunalic still kicking 'em deep.
Coaching:  D-  During the tunnel walk, the Huskers looked like they didn't want to be there.  I thought maybe it was repressed rage at what happened the week before, but we soon learned otherwise.  Whatever they tried last week failed miserably.
Overall:  D-  It goes down into the books as a win, and therefore, this grade goes into the books as "not failing".

Elsewhere in College Football:
Colorado:  A  That's a novel idea...shutting out a MAC team.
Okie State/Texas Tech:  Offense A, Defense F.  Is the Big XII turning into the WAC?
TV schedule:  D  Was it just me, or was the whole day filled with uncompelling games?


Rate the Huskers against Ball State

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    C (We can work on a few things)
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    D (We need to work on a lot of things)
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