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Ball State Profanity Free Post Game Overreaction

In the interest of full-disclosure, I didn't get to watch this game. I had some Dish Network problems early, and by the time I got them fixed, the game was well under way. I spent the game listening to Jim Rose.

It's been a weird year all over. Michigan sucks. Notre Dame wishes they sucked as bad as Michigan. Louisville failing. Teams like Wisconsin and Texas dancing with suckage.

Nebraska didn't just dance with suckage. We courted it last week and this week we almost married it.

Sam Keller had a nice day. Marlon Lucky had a nice day, as did the receiving corps. Unfortunately, the offensive line proved we can't run the ball even against an undersized defense.

And all of that doesn't matter because we gave up 422 yards in the air to Nate Davis - 214 of that to a single receiver, Nate Love. We gave up over 600 yards of total offense. Don't believe the spew about how good a team Ball State is. We're suddenly in the business of making teams look incredible. That our defense played this badly is indefensible.

We have an illness, and we have two weeks to cure it. Bill Callahan's consistent, redundant answer to any injury question best describes this Husker team:

Day to Day

One of my real-life vices is that I swear too much. I worked hard to keep it out of this post. Really hard.