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The Ball State Cardinals - Good For What Ails Ye!

Ah, Cornhusker Fans, if ya still be ailin' from last weekend's ass-whippin' by those Trojan boys from Southern Cal, this week we've got the perfect ointment for ye!

It's the Ball State Cardinals directly from Muncie, Indiana!

  • Their undersize defensive line is perfect for pounding the rock for a high per carry average!
  • Their passing-fancy quarterback is perfect for your hard-hitting secondary to get their licks in!
  • You'll forget that your beloved Blackshirt defense gave up the highest per carry rush average in over 100 years of football!
  • With today's blow-out scoring, you'll forget about wanting to lynch a member of the Husker coaching staff!  
  • Have two helpings (via the rewind, that is), and you might just forget how much you hate your mother-in-law. Who doesn't want more love in the world?
  • We'll be right here with ya throughout the game make sure you're happy with the product.

No returns! No guarantees!

And don't forget, it this week ain't enough, we'll be back next week with the Iowa State Cyclones!