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2007 College Football Predictions - Week Four

Big 12 conference play starts this week as Texas Tech takes on the discombobulated Oklahoma State Cowboys. It's hard to believe that everyone was so high on the 'Pokes and they've looked so bad.

Nebraska's ol' coach Turner Gill takes on the Baylor Bears this week in a game that the Bulls could win. Gill picked one helluva place to start his head coaching career. Buffalo was easily one of the worst teams in the nation when he arrived, and without much going for them. As much as the Big 12 needs more non-conference wins, even the small ones, I'll be pulling for Gill and the Buffalo Bulls this weekend.

Everyone has challenges. Nebraska needs to get back to it, running the ball and not missing tackles on defense. Texas needs to blow open a game and have a week where no one gets arrested. Iowa State needs to play for their new coach like they did against the Hawkeyes, and Oklahoma State needs to play like everyone expected.

  • Big 12 Games

  • Ball State @ Nebraska

    Line: Nebraska by 23

    Husker Mike: NU 49, Ball State 6
    325 rush, 175 pass - Castille gets 100+
    corn blight: Huskers 45, Ball State 10
    250 rushing, 250 passing. Balance. Keep those receivers happy too.

  • Baylor @ Buffalo  
    Line: Baylor by 3.5

    Husker Mike: Turner Gill's Bulls 24, Baylor Bears 20
    corn blight: Bulls 31, Baylor 27
    Turner Gill's Bulls played a decent game against Penn State last week and Baylor is on the road.

  • Miami-Ohio @ Colorado

    Line: Buffies by 14

    Husker Mike: CU 27, Miami OH 7
    corn blight: Buffs 24, Miami-Ohio 10

  • Iowa State@ Toledo

    Line: Iowa Stae by 3.5

    Husker Mike: Toledo 21, Iowa State 20 - Is this really an upset special?
    corn blight: ISU 28, Toledo 20
    I'm thinking the win over Iowa pumped up Cyclone pride at least a little.

  • Florida International @ Kansas

    Line: Kansas by 32

    Husker Mike: Kansas 63, FIU 10
    corn blight: KU 57, FIU 10
    Everyone saw Mangino's sideline explosion, didn't they? I wonder if he ate a bunch of chicken and the kid got a faceful. That has to be why KU's faculty is so upset. He could have put an eye out.

  • Kansas State - Idle

    Big news of the week. No one leaves the KSU program.

  • Illinois State @ Missouri

    Line:  None

    Husker Mike: Mizery 59, ISU 7
    corn blight: Mizzou 49, ISU 10

  • Utah State @ Oklahoma

    Line: Oklahoma by 22.5

    Husker Mike: Sooners 31, Tulsa 14
    corn blight: OU 38, Tulsa 13
    Rivalry game will keep the score down. Maybe.

  • Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State

    Line: Texas Tech by 5.5

    Husker Mike: Tech 42, Oklahoma State 13
    corn blight: Tech 35, Okie State 17

  • Rice @ Texas  

    Line:Texas by 39

    Husker Mike: Bovines 62, Rice 6
    Who's pitching for the Owls this week?
    corn blight: Texas 39, Rice 14
    Always a great college baseball series when these teams get together. Rice always has great pitching. They'll score some runs.

  • Texas A&M at Miami

    We were too late, obviously, for this game. We didn't miss anything.  Coach Fran looked terrible as did the Aggies - embarrassed the Big 12.

    <big>Games of the Week</big>

  • Iowa @ Wisconsin

    Line: Wisconsin by 8

    Husker Mike:  Cheeseheads 28, Idiots Out Wandering Around 9
    corn blight:   Badgers 24, Iowa 13.

  • Kentucky @ Arkansas

    Line: Razorbacks by 7

    Husker Mike:  Ark 31, UK 21
    corn blight:   Razorbacks 34, Kentucky 28

  • Washington  @ UCLA

    Line: UCLA  by 6.5

    Husker Mike: UDub 24, UCLA 7
    corn blight:   Washington 23, UCLA 9
    My opinion of UCLA football is being heavily influenced by Bruins Nation. I'm not sure that's fair, but it is. Unfortunately, my opinion of Washington is heavily influenced by the negativity that Golder Domers still spew about Tyrone Willingham. I suppose that's a wash, isn't it?

  • Georgia @ Alabama

    Line:  'Bama by 3

    Husker Mike:  Bama 24, Georgia 17
    corn blight:   Tide 24, Dawgs 17
    The Dawgs dude doesn't agree with me. The Tide dudes don't make it much easier, but I'm going with the Sabanator.

  • Penn State @ Michigan

    Line:  Penn State by 3

    Husker Mike:  PSU 20, Michigan 14
    corn blight:  Michigan 23, Penn State 20
    Neither of these teams have beaten a team that's won a game. It's an interesting match-up, possibly the most intriguing of the week. Can Mike Hart keep the Wolverines together? Can Joe Paterno finally beat Michigan?

  • South Carolina @ LSU

    Line: LSU by 16

    Husker Mike:  LSU 35, South Carolina 10
    Ol Ball Coach vs. Our Old Bo Coach
    corn blight:  LSU 38, Cocks 17