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Morning Coffee - Back to Fundamentals

We're moving on now, kind of, still somewhat cantankerous and disappointed about that whole 'SC holes thing but it's time to focus on the upcoming game with Ball State. They're a dangerous football team.

After getting run over by a truck Saturday night, the Huskers will go back to full contact this week to prepare for Ball State.

The goal is to work on the fundamentals of the game which is apparently what cost us against USC. Fundamentals. Blocking, tackling. Memorizing play calls that take 15 seconds due to inflated verbage.

"Basically, fundamentals," Callahan said during Monday's Big 12 coaches' teleconference. "That's the one area that we addressed, fundamentals. Just total fundamentals, the function of defensive football, just the fundamental position of defensive football."

There was one Husker injury that wasn't disclosed until Tuesday and that was of defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove:

"He’s hurt. He’s down," Callahan said. "I tell him to keep his head up. He’s got my full support. He’ll do a great job this week as he hits the practice field . . . It just hurts. When you have a performance that you didn’t expect — that you never even think could happen — it hurts."

No word yet on the extent of Cosgrove's injury. No question that he's day-to-day but I hope that he's ready for a dangerous Ball State team coming to town.

Y'all know that starting left guard Andy Christensen is gone for the year , right? That sucks, even if the offensive line didn't do well in establishing the run, it sucks.

CSTV's Eric Sorenson asks a gob of questions after the USC game, pointing out that Bill Callahan has earned a place on the hot seat and questions some of the coaching moves that were made when Callahan came to Nebraska.

Yes, guys, you are responsible for feeding my ego. Imagine a 45-year old guy who's had a decent 20-year career as a computer consultant needing you to look good on Saturdays.
Easy for you to say I'm pathetic if you're all bundled up in the red-basking goodness of Nebraska. Try moving out of state and see what happens. The last two days I've received cards, letters, and phone calls from all over the universe asking if I'm okay, complete with sniggering and grins.

But I don't feel too bad. The Notre Dame alums I know have switched their wardrobes around this fall. One of them remarked to me this evening that his kids have taken to hiding their Irish clothes in the back of their closets. There will be a lot of barely-worn Irish clothes hitting the garage sales soon.

Not that anyone will wear them then.