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USC Postgame Overreaction

  • What an ass-kicking was that? We beat up Nevada, then barely beat Wake Forest on the road, and we kidded ourselves that we should be on the same field with the Trojans? Phssahawwwww!
  • This was a measurement of where we're supposed to be against the best. Where are we? Inept.
  • Callahan/Pederson haters have good reason to be angry after watching this game. Me? If you're looking for a scapegoat, let's fire Steve first. Leave Bill for later.
  • I'm a suck up, really I am. I try to stick up for Nebraska coaches. Not as bad as those guys at BigRedBoard, but after this, it's going to be really hard to believe in this coaching staff.
  • Hey, Billy C wasn't conservative. Wasn't that something we were all bitching about last year?
  • We learned that we still aren't ready to play big-boy football. The good news is that we can still play well with the toddlers in the Big 12 North, get our asses kicked in the Big 12 Championship game by Oklahoma, give ourselves a fake trophy and have smilin' Steve tell us that everything is wonderful and how excited we should be.
  • All my pick 'em games went to hell this weekend. What do I know?