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Week 3 Husker Report Card: Southern Cal

Remember when you were a kid and when you got a bad report card, the teacher would make your parents sign it?  Well, this one probably needs to be signed by the Board of Regents since I'm not sure Harvey Perlman and Steve Pederson care at this point.

Offensive Line:  C-  Did a somewhat ok job on pass protection, but there was absolutely no room in the rushing game.
Running Backs:  C-  Marlon Lucky was tenative and ineffective against USC's speed and power.  Cody Glenn gave a nice effort both in pass protection and in the power rushing game.  When healthy, Glenn is simply Nebraska's best I-back.
Quarterback:  B-  Sam Keller did a nice job in the short passing game, though his stats were inflated after USC sent in their reserves.
Wide Receivers:  B+  While they didn't stretch the field much, they caught the catchable passes while the game was still in reach.  Their best game of the season by far.
Defensive Line:  F  This isn't even a borderline F...this F is as big as the holes that the USC offensive line opened on this crew.
Linebackers:  D  The play of Lance Brandenburgh and Phillip Dillard are the only reasons this group didn't get an F as well.
Secondary:  C-  Held up well in the few times USC needed to throw, but joined the rest of the team with missed tackles.
Special Teams:  B-  Well, our kickoff return teams got a lot of work this week...
Coaching:  D+  Bill Callahan's game plan for throwing the ball kept the Huskers in the game early, but the Huskers struggled once again in the third quarter.  Kevin Cosgrove has to answer a lot of questions about the Huskers incompetent tackling.
Overall:  D-  Huskers really only competed for the first 20 minutes against the top ranked Trojans.

Elsewhere in College Football:
Northern Iowa:  A  Congratulations to the State Champions!
Notre Dame:  F  3 games, 0 offensive touchdowns.
Kansas:  A  Another week, another huge offensive performance.  
Rest of Big XII:  D+  Oklahoma State flops again, Texas struggles on road.
Big Ten:  C-  Ohio State was a bright spot.  Badgers give up 31 to the Citadel?  And the Hawkeyes???  Bahahaha...


How would you grade the Huskers against USC?

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  • 41%
    D (Disappointing)
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    F (Horrible)
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    I was too busy drinking to pay much attention.
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