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Nebraska Vs USC - Game Day Thread

Welcome to the Nebraska - USC Game Day Thread. You're welcome to join us for comments on today's college football action, and especially tonight's Nebraska - USC game.

If you want to see what the enemy is thinking, check out Conquest Chronicles.

TJ Simers of the LA Times has made his way across Nebraska and has discovered one trait all Nebraskans have in common:

"Across the land, I've found no one likes Steve Pederson," he said. "I've never met him, don't know anything about him. They think he's arrogant. They want him to have that smirk wiped off his face. Someone suggested plastic surgery."


Does the ghost of last year's game come alive in Memorial Stadium tonight?

Nebraska was so conservative, the normally reticent Carroll let slip to a booster group that he felt the game was little more than a 9-on-7 practice drill.

Our offensive line is big, strong and slow. Sounds like a cliche', doesn't it?

Here's what Griffen had to say about Nebraska's beefy offensive line, whose members average 318 pounds: "They're big and pretty slow when they come off the snap. If you just rush hard up field and just rush, rush, rush everything else will come into place for our defense."

Brandon, the Hi-Plains Drifter, gets some tips from a rental car guy and says that Nebraska will win 28-17.

Notre Dame sees one of their star recruit quarterbacks leave for Northern Illinois? After they fail to score over 10 points today against Michigan, can we dispense with the "Charlie Weis, Offensive Genius Coach", please?

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