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2007 College Football Week Three Predictions

A really stinky week of games for the Big 12. All of the Big 12 teams are favored other than Nebraska.

Colorado - Florida State may be a great game, but only because both teams are mediocre. Not a great game week across the nation, next to Nebraska, you have two good games out of the SEC:  Tennessee - Florida and Arkansas - Alabama.

And then there's the Michigan - Notre Dame game. Can the Irish score?

  • Big 12 Games

  • USC @ Nebraska

    Line: USC by 10

    Husker Mike: Heart:  NU 21, USC 17          Head:  USC 31, NU 10
    ESPN had a SoCal writer on today...said that USC is going to put 8 in the box and dare Keller to find a receiver before they sack him.
    corn blight: Heart: NU 28, US 24          Head:  NU 31, USC 24
    Unless Sam Keller can somehow play like a madman, Nebraska will lose this game.  He played like poo against Wake, but that two minute drill wasn't bad. He only missed one pass, and the TD pass was great. Maybe he's one of those guys that needs more pressure!

  • Texas State-San Marcos @ Baylor  
    Line: None - Texas State is Div IAA

    Husker Mike: Baylor 56, Texas State 3
    corn blight: Baylor 67, Texas State 10  
    Texas State - they were a favorite whipping boy of Big 12 during baseball season, weren't they? Is their baseball team coming back to Baylor?

  • Florida State @ Colorado

    Line: FSU by 4

    Husker Mike: FSU 24, CU 14
    corn blight: CU 17, FSU 13  - Upset Special!
    FSU doesn't have an offense, and CU can't finish a game. It's a great match up!

  • Iowa at Iowa State

    Line: Iowa by 17

    Husker Mike: Iowa 42, ISU 7
    This one could get ugly, though it's a in-state rivalry.
    corn blight: Iowa 38, ISU 13
    I think even the Cyclones players will be drinking in the parking lot before that one .

  • Toledo @ Kansas

    Line: Kansas by 22.5

    Husker Mike: KU 66, Toledo 10
    corn blight: KU 63, Toledo 13

  • Missouri State at Kansas State

    Line:  No line - Div IAA

    Husker Mike: KSU 56, MSU 20
    corn blight: KSU 48, MSU 17
    Bill Snyder scheduled this one.

  • Western Michigan @ Missouri

    Line:  Mizzou by 20

    Husker Mike: Mizzou 38, WMU 17
    corn blight: Mizzou 42, WMU 24

  • Utah State @ Oklahoma

    Line: Oklahoma by 46

    Husker Mike: Boomers 73, Utah State 7
    corn blight: Oklahoma 63, Utah State 3

  • Oklahoma State @ Troy

    Line: Oklahoma State by 10

    Husker Mike: Oklahoma State 24, Troy 10
    Trap game for the Cowboys?  I must say, I'm not sure how to read OSU this season.
    corn blight: Oklahoma State 31, Troy 13

  • Texas @ Central Florida

    Line:Texas by 19

    Husker Mike: Texas 38, UCF 10
    corn blight: Texas 34, UCF 17
    Texas had another player, Gatewood, arrested. They're going after that Fulmer's Cup (EDSBS).

  • Louisiana-Monroe @ Texas A&M

    No Line: Aggies by 23.5

    Husker Mike:  Texas A&M  31, LAM 17
    A&M isn't exactly dominating.
    corn blight:    Texas A&M 28, LAM 14
    No, they're kind of sucking. I'm thinking Coach Fran is going back to mid-majors after this season

  • Texas Tech @ Rice

    Line: Texas Tech by 28
    Husker Mike:  Texas Tech 56, Rice 7
    corn blight:    Texas Tech 63, Rice 10

    <big>Games of the Week</big>

  • Tennessee @ Florida

    Line: Florida by 8

    Husker Mike:  Florida 35, Tenn 24
    corn blight:   Florida 31, Tenn 24

  • Arkansas @ Alabama

    Line: 'Bama by 3

    Husker Mike:  Saban 21, Nutt 14
    corn blight:   Nutt, 23, Saban 21 - Upset Special!
    When you sell your soul to the devil, don't expect payback until year two.

  • Notre Dame @ Michigan

    Line: Michigan by 8.5 - Or is that the over/under?

    Husker Mike:  Weasels 13, Amish 4
    corn blight:   Mike Hart 24, Irish 8

  • Ohio State @ Washington

    Line: Buckeyes by 4

    Husker Mike:  Washington 24, OSU 17.
    Brutus has looked ugly, and the game is in Seattle
    corn blight:   Huskies 23, Ohio State 17
    I think Husker fans know how loud that stadium can get.

  • Boston College @ Georgia Tech

    Line: Georgia Tech by 7

    Husker Mike:  GT 28, BC 20
    corn blight:  GT 28, BC 20

  • Ohio@ Virginia Tech

    Line: Virginia Tech by 20

    Husker Mike:  VT 31, Ohio 21
    corn blight:  VT 38, Ohio 24