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Late Morning Coffee - USC's A Comin'

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Did anyone else see the Lou Holtz motivational speech at the halftime of the West Virginia - Maryland game? It was the speech he'd give to Nebraska if ol' Lou were the coach.

First of all, he'd apologize for the NCAA sanctions that we're about to face. Then he'd explain the bad hair. Next he made a joke about being happy to be playing USC because UCLA is harder to spell. Nearly knocked me out of my chair with that one - it's supposed to keep us loose.

I cannot believe that corporations pay to have this guy give motivational talks.I liked him when he coached at Notre Dame, but after leaving Minnesota, Notre Dame, and South Carolina with NCAA violations, he lost me. Watching him on ESPN has become a truly painful experience. I expect a certain amount of bravado from the talking heads, but Lou gives me nothing.

 Husker Extra does their scouting report.. The result is that USC is scary good.

Takeaways are the trademark of a Pete Carroll-coached team, right? Well, that trend may have hit a wall.  Maybe it'll hit a Big Red wall Saturday night when Pete decided he needs to run all those running backs at once.

Last year's USC game was supposed to be coming out party for Maurice Purify. Instead he got on the field for two plays. Here we are a year later, and Big Mo' is on the national stage. It's show time, and time for Purify to make a difference.

If you'd like to read an article that's very very wrong, here you go. I'd expect better stuff from than is shown here.

Samuel McKewon gives us five keys to the Nebraska - USC game.

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