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A Travel Guide for USC Fans

We've been asked to put together a little guide for our visitors from SoCal coming to visit the Husker Nation, so here's a few tips for those coming in.

If you'll be arriving in Lincoln Friday night, the number one spot to be is Misty's in Havelock.  The Husker pep band and cheerleaders stop by early in the evening, and I've heard that many of the ESPN/ABC folks will be there as well.  Should be packed, so if you aren't there early, you might miss out.

Those getting up early on Saturday can check out ESPN GameDay at Memorial Stadium; gates open at 7:30 am. I don't think there will be an 8 a.m. SportsCenter on Saturday due to the Women's Soccer World Cup.

For those of you sleeping in to rest up for the game, downtown Lincoln should be hopping on Saturday.  With a campus stadium located near downtown, gamedays in Lincoln is more of a bar day than a tailgating affair.  Nebraska's "Husker Nation Pavillion" will open at 2 pm northeast of the stadium, and should be family friendly.

As for downtown bars, there are three excellent choices depending on your interests.
Heavy drinking?  Barry's is probably your choice.  It's located about 3 blocks south of Memorial Stadium at 9th and O.
Drunken Rowdiness That You'll Remember Except Under Oath?  Has to be the Sidetrack Bar with Joyce & Paul (and their rated "R" lyrics).  About a block east of Barry's near 10th & O.
Beer & Burgers?  Has to be P.O. Pears at 9th & M, about 8 blocks south of the stadium.
Expect huge lines at Barry's and the Sidetrack, but Pears usually moves people in and out fairly quickly.

Parking around the stadium is usually pretty tight.  Donors get all the good spaces.  The closest parking for USC fans is probably at Haymarket Park, a baseball stadium about a 10 minute walk from Memorial Stadium.  Downtown also has several parking garages if you are planning to head there before the game.

Most of the activity will probably be before the game, but there should be a couple hours after the game before the bars close at 1 am.

Those of you staying in Omaha should allow at least 3 hours before the game and probably 2.5 to 3 hours to drive back; I-80 will probably resemble the 110, except only with 2 lanes.

Enjoy your visit to Lincoln!  Look for me at the game; I'll be the one wearing red!