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Nebraska vs Texas Volleyball and other tidbits

Our #1 Nebraska Cornhuskers Volleyball team takes on Texas tonight! The game will be on CSTV, and if you can't get CSTV, you can get the game online at CSTV's All Access site.

Texas is currently ranked seventh at 4-2 on the season and are having problems finding their identity.

This is the Big 12 Opener for both teams. Texas All-American Destinee Hooker has been suspended for tonight's game.

We haven't done enough Volleyball coverage here at Corn Nation, and for that I apologize.

Other News:

BON has some info on the Nebraska - USC football game.

Conquest Chronicles has a look at the game through the eyes of Husker fans, and DC Trojan has a piece on what they'd be do if they were a Husker.

We will be responding in like-kind, hopefully by the end of the night!