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Morning Coffee - Weekend Review

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What did you see this past weekend? I saw the destruction of a once-proud program. For all Nebraskans have been through the past few years, it doesn't compare at all to what's happening in Ann Arbor. It was so painful after a while that I had to watch something else, or maybe it was that Michigan was so bad that it wasn't worth the time anymore. Chad Henne left the game with an injury to his psyche. Mike Hart, the only Michigan guy left with any guts, got physically injured.

Is Oregon this good, or is Michigan done? I'm voting the latter.

What do you do with this week's blogpoll? There were so many teams that looked marginal, winning but giving up a ton of points, or barely winning their games. Wisconsin, California, Ohio State to name a few.

Auburn doesn't deserve to be ranked in the Top 40. South Florida kicked their ass. The Bulls kicker missed field goal after field goal, and then the Bulled pulled it out anyway.

From what I saw of Jimmy Clausen, he didn't suck. It hurts to say it. Notre Dame as a team, does suck. As long as Charlie Weis is their coach, I'll find great joy in that. Their  previous coach's team isn't sucking so bad, beating Boise State and probably knocking them out of the rankings. I find that amusing.

The Big 12 looked weak, but not bad.
Texas pulled away and crushed TCU. Texas Tech gave up a gob of points to UTEP, but won. Nebraska let Wake Forest stay in the game and then barely won. Texas A&M had no business letting Fresno State drag them through three overtimes before winning but they did win. Baylor harvested Rice, Missouri's defense still sucks, while Oklahoma State, Kansas, and Kansas State beat up on overmatched opponents.

Oklahoma, current jewel of the Big 12, rocked. They're easily up there with LSU and USC right now.

Iowa State and Colorado were the only losers, Iowa State setting itself up for a truly awful season.

 I hate to say it, but I was glad to see Georgia get beat. I don't know why I have something against Georgia. Maybe I just enjoy it when a SEC team loses. Any SEC team.

 I've seen some comments around the message boards that the refs gave Nebraska the game for not calling interference on the final Wake play of the game. And I thought I was reactionary. How many total plays were there in that game, including the one where the Wake receiver dropped the ball into the end zone and it was ruled out on the foot line.

Danny Woodhead finished with 147 yards on 23 carries, and as if that wasn't enough, he had five receptions for another 133 yards. Chadron State beat Div IAA foe Northern Colorado 31-0, a pretty impressive feat in itself.