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Initial Blogpoll for Week Two

Here is the week's initial blogpoll. A lot more movement than last week because of losses. I really wanted to move Louisville and West Virginia down quite a bit because of the number of points they surrendered in last week's games but when I looked at the week a little closer, there's really no one to move into their positions unless you're doing some sort of dorky resume-ranking stuff, and I'm not going to do that. To me it's an excuse for not looking at the teams, but looking at the scoreboard.

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 LSU --
3 Oklahoma --
4 Florida 3
5 West Virginia --
6 Wisconsin 2
7 Texas 2
8 Penn State 7
9 California 3
10 Louisville --
11 UCLA 6
12 Nebraska 1
13 Rutgers 3
14 Ohio State 2
15 Georgia Tech 5
16 Oregon 10
17 Washington 9
18 Clemson 8
19 Boston College 7
20 South Florida 6
21 Virginia Tech 13
22 Arkansas 1
23 Hawaii 1
24 Alabama 1
25 Tennessee 6

Dropped Out: Georgia (#11), Auburn (#14), Boise State (#18), Oregon State (#21), Texas A&M (#24).

USC stays where they are despite great performances by LSU and Oklahoma. The top three are hot-swappable, a clear cut above all other teams. Some have moved LSU into #1. Probably the same people who complain that polls aren't worth anything until weeks into the season.

I dropped Wisconsin a little because of a bad performance against UNLV. I'll admit to not being to sure about where to rank Rutgers. Penn State and UCLA make the biggest jumps this week. Penn State's win over Notre Dame wasn't that impressive, but I feel like I under-ranked them for the past couple weeks, and now I'm making up for it. UCLA

At the beginning of the season, I was torn between ranking Oregon and Oregon State - the Duck's Dixon versus the Beaver defense. That choice was easy to make past weekend as the Beavers got destroyed by Cincinnati.

Tennessee should probably be ranked, but that means you'd have to remove someone, probably Hawaii. Texas A&M drops because they have no business pretending to contend for a Big 12 South title while struggling to beat the likes of Fresno State and giving up a massive amount of yards and points in the process.

As always, feedback welcome!