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Nebraska - Nevada: Quick Review

Today, we looked like Nebraska. We looked like the Husker team we all want us to be.

  • We completely dominated an opponent that we were supposed to dominate. This game was over early in the third quarter. Thank you, God. I don't have to go to work crabby on Tuesday.
  • It's clear that we have the depth again. We looked like a Tom Osborne team.
  • The offensive line blew people off the ball and Marlon Lucky looked beautiful. This is the most important point I can make - we don't need to throw the ball all the time just to prove we can throw the ball. We need to run the ball to win the Big 12. We ran the ball with authority.
  • Player of the game - Adi Kunalic. If you consider the games we lost last season due to poor special teams play, this kid is going to be a huge difference for our season. Enormous. Humongous. Massive. Insert your own adjective here. I know that Marlon Lucky looked like the guy we wanted him to be, but Kunalic
  • Ty Steinkuhler. I hope for his sake and ours that his injury isn't serious. He looked pretty dejected on the sideline in the fourth quarter. That doesn't give me a good feeling.
  • Bill Callahan took a knee rather than score another touchdown. Can that be emphasize enough as to how good a win this was?


Without looking at a review, let's look at how we did with our "Keys to Victory":

  • Execute

We started a little sluggish, then rolled. The running game rolled. Sam Keller looked rough, seemed like he stared down some receivers, gave up an interception for a touchdown. That's okay. The offensive line blew Nevada off the ball. Wonderful stuff.

  • Get the Special Teams Going

Courtney Grixby's return blew the game open - it blew the game open.

  • Don't Get Hurt

I already mentioned Ty Steinkuhler. Cody Glenn got in later, so you have to wonder if Castille is simply outperforming him now.

  • Start Fast

We didn't start fast, but we damned sure did finish fast. If that's how it's going to work, I'm all for it. Still let's start faster against Wake Forest and USC.

Other Thoughts:

I thought we'd beat up Nevada, but I didn't think we'd absolutely crush them like we did today.

If the governor in Michigan were a merciful man, he'd declare next week a state holiday for the week so none of those poor bastards would have to face each other come Tuesday.