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Football: Time To Get Serious

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Hey, I woke up this morning and it's August. Not just August, but the day before training camp opens day of August. It's time to get serious about football once again. The biggest thing about training camp is getting through it injury free. Last year's loss of Zack Bowman had a huge impact on the 2006 season. We have much better depth at most positions this season, but still.

I worry too much, don't I?

A couple questions for all y'all:

- What do you define as success for the 2007 football season?

Is winning the Big 12 North enough for it to be a successful season or do we need to win the Big 12 to satisfy your Husker expectations? Would a good bowl game be enough?

- What do you want to see this season?

By this, I don't mean "I want to see Nebraska win a national title". I mean something you'd like to see happen on the field. Remember that block that Scott Frost threw on Dat Nguyen in the '97 Big 12 title game? It's not every day you see a quarterback destroy a linebacker (both of whom later played in the NFL). How 'bout the game winning catch Maurice Purify made at Texas A&M? How about some love for Husker linemen?

That kind of stuff. I'll start in the comment section. For your viewing pleasure, here's Joel Makovicka blowing up Dat Nguyen since I couldn't find the video of the hit by Scott Frost: