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Morning Coffee - Time To Rev It UP!

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Bill Callahan recently had this to say about Nebraska's offense:

"I knew I'd have to be patient with what was going to go on here," the Cornhusker coach said Tuesday. "I've been patient. Now it's time to rev it up."

Oh. Wait. That's not recently. That's a couple years ago, and you sunsabitches at Fanblogs made fun of him for having the 107th-ranked offense. Well, he wasn't exactly wrong was he? We revved it up pretty good last season, and it's time to get it going again!

I guess they're changing the tunnel walk music. Maybe "Sirius" is getting a little worn out. Apparently a UNL grad named "Mikey Bo" is doing a new mix (look for "Husker Beat") and that's what they'll be using.

Hate to say it, but I don't care much. Whether they change it or not, meh. I never understood people who got bent out of shape about changes made to the uniforms. To this day, other than the helmet, I couldn't tell you what the Nebraska uniform looks like, and I know that there are people who can get upset about a moved stitch. This works the same way with me. I just want us to play good football and win our games. How we look, or what we sound like - who the hell cares. All the glitz and bullshit that goes with the games these days is why I don't watch as much NFL as I used to.

I guess I'm lousy at marketing. So sue me.

There's a part of the traditionalist in me that says they keep adding all the fixin's to college football because the product on the field is getting lousier and they need to keep people entertained and coming to the games. The product is getting lousier because of the crappy games that are being played.

When I say lousy product, I'm not talking about Nebraska football per se, but about college football in general. Adding a 12th game for most programs meant going out and scheduling a crappy opponent that would fill your home stadium.  Look at Texas' pre-conference schedule this season.

Unfortunately, we'll keep going to the games, and going nuts about them because everything else by comparison sucks. Until it doesn't some day and then all these college programs that are bonded to the hilt will be shit up creek without a paddle.

[Update - They are not changing the tunnel walk music. Stop freaking.]

There are plenty of Pick 'Em games around, but the 12th Manchild has created one of his own and the winner gets a $200 bottle of Crown Royal. I like Crown Royal, who doesn't? I'm joining this one, man!

Uh, wait. You shouldn't join because Crown Royal is baaad for you.

The latest Big 12 Roundtable has been posted. Apparently they liked my idea of invading Boulder and taking over the stadium. Maybe it can be arranged.....

Quickly, some poor dude has ranked the bottom Ten.  Big Red Network is back at podcasting. Remember that Midwest Coast Bias has a year-round podcast.  The guys at In The Bleachers have started up again as well.

David Beckham being injured sucks. I like soccer. There I said it publicly. You know why I like soccer? Not only because it's the best game you don't understand but their fans are nuts. Passionate like college football fans. There's something to be said about that. Something good.

Iowa State lost tonight to Kent State. Kent State. I don't care that Kent State is a decent MAC team and Iowa State is a crappy Big 12 North team, it sucks. The Big 12 North needs to win all their non-conference games, and yes, that includes Colorado. Otherwise we'll continue to be a laughing stock.