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2007 College Football Predictions Week One

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Husker Mike and I got together late last night and went through our predictions for the weekend. Corn Nation regular taflorom has posted his in the diary section. I wouldn't mind running some type of Pick 'Em Contest on Corn Nation and I'm certainly open to any suggestions that readers might have.

College football season is upon us, thank God. Now I can scream unintelligible rants from my front porch into the neighborhood and not be seen as someone who will harm the children. Things will seem normal again, as I've lived in the same house for the past 14 years and they all damned well better be used to it. The new neighbors will learn fast enough. No, I'm not going to warn them ahead of time.

I tried doing some fancy smancy tables for the stuff below. Then I dropped a large brick on my bare foot so I'd forget about doing the tables.

p.s. "Corn Blight" = "Husker Jon"  - I'm alternating egos. Not sure why.

  • Big 12 Games

  • Baylor - TCU  
    Line: TCU by 21

    Husker Mike: TCU 35, Baylor 10
    Husker Jon: TCU 38, Baylor 10

  • Colorado - Colorado State

    Line: CU by 2.5

    Husker Mike: CSU 27, CU 20
    Husker Jon: CSU 27, CU 17
    I guess neither of us have much faith in Colorado. Can you blame us?

  • Iowa State - Kent State

    Line:ISU by 3.5

    Husker Mike: ISU 28, KS 24
    Husker Jon: ISU 31, KS 24
    It's the little games like this that the Big 12 North needs to win to bring back respectability.

  • Kansas - Central Michigan

    Line: Kansas by 7.5

    Husker Mike: KU 20, Central Michigan 10
    Husker Jon: KU 23, Central Michigan 13

  • Kansas State - Auburn

    Line: Auburn by 13.5

    Husker Mike: Auburn 28, KSU 24
    Husker Jon: Auburn 27, KSU 17

  • Mizzou - Illinois

    Line:Mizzou by 5

    Husker Mike: Mizzou 35, Illinois 12 - Zook can recruit but couldn't coach his way out of a bag.
    Husker Jon: Mizzou 35, Illinois 10

  • Nebraska - Nevada

    Line: Nebraska by 21

    Husker Mike: Nebraska 48, Nevada 17
    Husker Jon: Nebraska 38, Nevada 10

  • Oklahoma - North Texas

    Line: Oklahoma by 41

    Husker Mike: Oklahoma 49, North Texas 3 - This one would only be interesting if Kathy Ireland was still kicking for NT.
    Husker Jon: Oklahoma 56, North Texas 7

  • Oklahoma State - Georgia

    Line: Georgia by 6.5

    Husker Mike: Georgia 38, Oklahoma State 24
    Husker Jon: Oklahoma State 31, Georgia 28 - Upset Special!

  • Texas - Arkansas State

    Line:Texas by 700

    Husker Mike: Texas 56, Arkansas State 7
    Husker Jon: Texas 63, Arkansas State 7

  • Texas A&M- Montana State

    No Line (MS is Div IAA)

    Husker Mike: Texas A&M 63, Mont State 7
    Husker Jon: Texas A&M 31, Mont State 14 - The Aggies play down a level.

  • Texas Tech- SMU

    Line: Texas Tech by 9

    Husker Mike: SMU 27, Tech 21 - Upset Special!
    Husker Jon: Tech Tech 31, SMU 31

    Games of the Week

  • Tennessee at Cal

    Line: Cal by 5.5

    Husker Mike: Cal 28, Tennessee 14 - Rocky Top falls flat in the Bay.
    Husker Jon: Cal 35, Tennessee 14 - Revenge Factor!

  • Arizona at BYU

    Line: BYU by 5.5

    Husker Mike: BYU 27, Zona 21
    Husker Jon: BYU 28, Zona 21 - Mike Stoops has issues.

  • Georgia Tech at Notre Dame

    Line: ND by 2.5

    Husker Mike: Notre Dame 20, Georgia Tech 17
    Husker Jon: Georgia Tech 28, Notre Dame 17 - Upset Special!

  • Florida State at Clemson

    Line:FSU by 3

    Husker Mike: Clemson 28, Free Shoes 27 -Does Son Let Daddy Win Get People Off His back?
    Husker Jon: FSU 24 Clemson 21 - Or Does Daddy let Son win to Save His JOB! A family counselor's dream.

  • Wake Forest at Boston College

    Line: BC by 6.5

    Husker Mike: Boston College 28, Wake Forest 24
    Husker Jon: Boston College 23, Wake Forest 20