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Morning Coffee - The Monday Before

Tim Griffin at the San Antonio Express-News has a list of expectations and things that wouldn't surprise him. About Nebraska:

I expect Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller to have the same kind of success with the Cornhuskers that he enjoyed at Arizona State, in a more settled environment. And I don’t think Keller will be looking over his shoulder with the Cornhuskers and Bill Callahan nearly as much as he did with Dirk Koetter at his old school.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if the Cornhuskers claim the Big 12 North title despite falling into an early hole that starts with a loss at Missouri on Oct. 6. .

I agree with this completely, especially the potential for us to lose in Columbia yet win the Big 12 North. Mizzou's failing's have normally come late in the season, almost like that friend of yours who has to self-destruct just when he's on the verge of greatness. Even with a loss, figure on the Tigers to open a door for us later on.

The article packs a bunch of info, including this bit about getting your DVR's ready for recording on ESPN Classic:

The countdown kicks off with the best Big 12 championship game in history, as A&M’s stunning 1998 upset over KSU will be the first game shown.

Other Big 12 games that will be featured in the series include TCU against ISU in the 2005 Houston Bowl  (9 p.m., Tuesday), Nebraska vs. Miami in the 1995 Orange Bowl (2 a.m., Wednesday), Florida State vs. Nebraska in the 1994 Orange Bowl (4 a.m., Wednesday), OU vs. Florida State in the 1981 Orange Bowl (2 a.m., Thursday),  UT vs. USC in the 2005 Rose Bowl (9 a.m., Thursday) and OU vs. LSU in the 2005 Sugar Bowl (2 p.m., Thursday).

While you're at it, I've noticed that ESPN Classic will be showing the '71 Nebraska-Oklahoma "Game of the Century" on Monday at 12:00 pm Central. Be sure to get that one!

If you're following things, Zac Taylor is back with the Husker staff as a grad assistant. I'm not disappointed that Taylor didn't make it in the NFL because I don't consider the NFL vindication of a great college football player. Perhaps he can become a great coach instead. He gets to work with Sam Keller this season, which is a good thing for the Huskers. Nothing like having someone around that's already gone through something to help you down that path.

Brandon at Hi-Plains Drifter did a piece a while back on Husker coverage, and talks about the Omaha World Herald's decision to move some of their coverage to a subscription basis. It's a dumb move.

I remember getting up as a kid and looking for the OWH sports section to see the photos and the breakdowns of big plays. With the Lincoln Journal doing an excellent job with Husker Extra, it's like the OWH is conceding the coverage to them.

There is only so much money in a household to go around. I've been thinking - newer, bigger TV, better Dish Network subscription, better DVR. Add to that things like paying for this weekend's game since it's regional and won't be showing in most of Minnesota and that doesn't leave much room for an online subscription when I can find that coverage elsewhere.