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Blogpoll Roundtable - Overrated, Underrated

The first preseason Blogpoll poll has been released, and Brian Cook, the dude running the show asks us to take a look at the poll and give some opinions on who is underrated and overrated.

I agree  ConquestChronicles - it's interesting reading the different styles put forth by those involved in the poll, and everyone does it a little different. There are those guys who are into data. There are those guys who think it's all a bunch of nonsense (which it is, but it's a wonderful sort of nonsense, so why not join the parade?).


Texas!  The Colt McCoy love-fest continues and why not? Heck, he performed under fire better than Chris Simms did in all his seasons there. He's a good-lookin' kid, great story, had an incredible freshman season.

Forget the team name, the coach, the players. Here's a generic explanation of where Texas is:

  • Finished 99th overall last season against the pass
  • Finished 34th in rushing offense in a conference in which you need to run the ball to win
  • 33rd in passing offense, 22nd in overall offense
  • Replacing three starters off the offensive line
  • New defensive coordinator

If you didn't know who I was talking about, would you rank the team described above in the Top 5 heading into this season? I wouldn't either. I know that Texas always has a ton of talent and this season is no different, but they have a lot of question marks and the Big 12 South looks as even as it ever has.

Texas is ranked fourth in the overall blogpoll, I have them at seventh. That's not much of a difference, but the poll has them ahead of Oklahoma, and I do not. That's the big difference.

Michigan at #3, I have them at #6. They return a bunch of great players, but don't they always?

Boise State isn't ranked? What a condescending attitude we have. They're cute and lovable when they upset Oklahoma with a couple trick plays, but then we toss them aside and rank Hawaii, probably because they have a quarterback named Colt. it's a Colt love-fest this season, I'm telling ya.

Wake Forest? Not ranked. They'll start with Boston College and Nebraska and by then we'll know where they stand.


The only change I'm making is dropping Notre Dame and adding Arkansas at #25. I said my bit about the Irish. They don't deserve to be ranked. Arkansas does. For that matter, so does Wake Forest.