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Corns Of the Big 12: Texas

Et tu, Mack?

I've lived in Texas. Spent my summers there in my teenage and early college years. Worked mostly in Dallas with a couple summers spent in College Station working on the stadium expansion at Kyle Field in the early 80's. During that time I came to understand Texas pride. They're proud of everything in Texas, mostly things are at big.

Big horns, big cars, big hair, big boobs.
Big guns, big hats, big money, big egos.
Big expanses of land being used for big ranches.
Not just a big replay screen, but the biggest in the world.
Big, big big big big Big BIG.

This constant talk about 'big' leads me to believe it's to make up for being inadequate in another area.

Texas is baby corn.

In a pile? Eeek!

Other Corns of the Big 12

Baylor - Creamed Corn
Colorado - Rootworm!
Iowa State - Pea wannabes
Kansas - Hominy
Kansas State - Corn Borer!
Mizzou - Indian Corn (Ornamental)
Nebraska - Sweet Corn!
Oklahoma - Dirt!
Oklahoma State - Corn Meal Mush