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Corns of the Big 12: Nebraska

Harvest. It's all about reaping what you sow.

If you know much at all about corn, you can see this one coming.

Nebraska is sweet corn. I'm sure this doesn't mean much to someone who lives in a highly urbanized area and doesn't have access to fresh vegetables, but trust me, there is nothing like the time of year that brings us a new season of Husker football and fresh Nebraska sweet corn.

If all you've ever had is corn from a can, stop that. It's not right. Sweet corn wasn't made to be contained in tin. Find someone in Nebraska (or, heck maybe even Iowa or Kansas) that can ship you some fresh sweet corn. I prefer mine grilled. Keep the husks on, soak the corn in cold water and throw it on the grill. If you like you can peel back the husks and put some seasonings and butter in there before you seal it back up and throw it on the grill.

This corn talk gives me a good seque as to why this blog is named "Corn Nation".  When I was asked why I chose such a name, (the name originally suggested was "Husktalk", ugh) I justified it by stating that Nebraska is all about corn. It's not just that Nebraska is a heavy agricultural state, but there's something honorable in being part of the providing the nation's food supply. Corn is food and with ethanol also power. And if you happen to drawl a little, saying "Corn Nation" comes out close to 'coronation', the crowing of a king (or a champion).

And "Corn Nation" is well, corny. The name is a constant reminder to not take myself too seriously. I asked that my logo look like a 50's post card, and it does. I love it. Exactly what I wanted. Husker football is something that brings Nebraskans together no matter where they are in the world. It's something we all love, although the events of the past few years have driven us apart. It's supposed to be enjoyable, fun, and I am to keep it that way. Well. At least try to keep it that way. :)

Other Corns of the Big 12

Baylor - Creamed Corn
Colorado - Rootworm!
Iowa State - Pea wannabes
Kansas - Hominy
Kansas State - Corn Borer!
Mizzou - Indian Corn (Ornamental)

p.s. I travel over the Minneapolis bridge that collapsed last night quite a bit, having been over it the last two nights around the time it collapsed. Last night I decided to come home instead of going back to work. My prayers are with the families of people who's lives have been altered by the event. "There but for the Grace of God Go I."