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Morning Coffee - Shouldn't You Be in Church?

Just think of this article being posted at 7:00 am instead of a little after midnight. I have a Boy Scout pancake feed to assist with early in the morning so I'm posting this in the wee hours instead of early morning. I wondered when the football feeling would hit me, and it happened Saturday evening.

Fox Sports ran a whole series of preview shows on the Big 12, and I watched several of them in a row. Fox doesn't have the greatest production but it was something about hearing their theme song that got me going. It just reminded me of college football. I spent a few minutes yelling at my TV. I enjoy that. It's stress-relieving. You should try it some time.

Bill Callahan on the coach's hot seat? He's ranked 30th, according to Coach's Hot Seat (HT: Wizard of Odds). Cost per Husker victory? $187,818 based upon Callahan's compensation of $1,690,317. I wouldn't feel bad about the numbers as Bob Stoops cost per victory is $313, 636!

The hottest seat in the Big 12 is belongs to Guy Morriss, Baylor, at #15. Next up and right below him is Kanas' Mark Mangino. After that, #23, Dennis Franchione. In an earlier article, Big 12 Coaches most likely to be fired, I had Morris at sixth most likely to be fired, with Mangino and Franchione right after that. The site has my number one guy Pinkel ranked at #40 which I find a little surprising. Maybe they're counting on Tigers' fans not caring that much.

Jeff over at Double Extra Point is hosting a pick 'em game this season and giving away gift certificates from Huskers Authentic.

Jeff also had this this recommendation to those who purchased Wake Forest season tickets just to get a ticket to the Nebraska game:

When I received my season tickets, I noticed that their second home game is Army and thought maybe those soldiers would like to have the tickets. I called Womack this morning and they said yes, please send them. They asked how many they might receive and I told them they would be coming from Husker fans who bought season tickets, I didn't know how many there were, but pulled the number 40 tickets out of the air. I sure hope we can come up with that many.

Check out Jeff's blog to get the rest of the information about donating your tickets to guys at Fort Bragg.

Matt Slauson has an injured shoulder and may miss the season opener. The Husker Extra article indicates that this isn't that big a deal since we have other offensive lineman to step up. I wonder. I don't worry about the ability of the 2007 offensive line, but I do worry about the group's tenacity. You don't have to worry about that with a guy like Slauson.

Put it this way - if Lydon Murtha had the same mental attitude as Slauson, Murtha would be on a list of pre-season award lists, but he is not. He may develop into a more consistent player this season, and I hope he does, but the point remains.

Slauson is the most experienced lineman having started 14 games. He was second team All Big 12 last season, the only Husker lineman to receive such an honor. If Callahan's offense is as complex as we're lead to believe, don't those count for something?

Blogpoll previews are coming out all over the place. The Blogpoll is gaining some notoriety, and is cause for much discussion amongst the blogosphere. Most have Nebraska ranked lower than I do (shocking!),  around 20th. At least one doesn't have us ranked at all.

BTW, So that you KNOW this, we will be referring to team rankings by their placement in the blogpoll. If we make mention of another poll, we will specifically name that poll with regards to the ranking. This isn't because of some agenda against the mass media, but because there is no reason as to why we're not as qualified as most traditional pollsters. Reading Stewart Mandel's new book can tell you all about the reasons as to why that's true.

We're happy to announce a new Kansas State blog - Bring On The Cats - here at SB Nation. I look forward to showering them with abuse this coming season, and I welcome all y'all to do the same!