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Corns Of the Big 12: Oklahoma State

Waiter, there's something in my mush!

Oklahoma State Cowboy football. In the annals of college he mere mention of the name conjures up next to nothing. Oklahoma State has won a total of 48 national titles, 34 in wrestling, ten in golf, two in basketball and one in baseball. Football to this point has been one of near futility. The last conference championship for Oklahoma State was in 1976 when they were Big Eight co-conference champions. Before that, they were 1953 co-champions of the Missouri Valley Conference. The last outright conference championship? 1948, Missouri Valley Conference.

A record-setting $165 million dollar gift from T. Boone Pickens could change the future, but until it does, the Cowboys will serve as also-rans whose best show to date has been to frustrate Oklahoma in the Bedlam series every once in a while. Oklahoma State's stock may be rising, but for now, they remain as bland as corn meal, and one of the most common uses of corn meal is to make mush. Not a disease, not a pest, but a corn byproduct and a particularly bland one at that.

Oklahoma State = corn meal mush. With syrup, or without?

Other Corns of the Big 12

Baylor - Creamed Corn
Colorado - Rootworm!
Iowa State - Pea wannabes
Kansas - Hominy
Kansas State - Corn Borer!
Mizzou - Indian Corn (Ornamental)
Nebraska - Sweet Corn!
Oklahoma - Dirt!