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Husker Volleyball Tickets Sell Out in 45 Minutes

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Husker single game tickets sold out in around 45 minutes this morning, proving that Nebraskans are completely nuts about the volleyball team. Fans were apparently aware of how fast tickets would go, as they started camping out at the NU Ticket Office yesterday afternoon. It's the fastest that tickets have sold out.

The Husker volleyball team could easily sell more tickets if they'd move to playing full-time in the Devaney Center, Nebraska's basketball stadium, but they're not going to do that. Given that the Huskers have lost only three conference games over 29 years while playing at the Coliseum - why would they move when enjoying such an enormous home court advantage?

They will play a single game this season at Devaney against Hawaii on October 21st. Those tickets are still available, as are tickets to the AVCA Showcase that will take place at the Qwest Center in Omaha. Nebraska will play Tennessee on August 24th, and either UCLA or Utah on August 25th. The Huskers will also play perennial volleyball power Penn State on September 2nd at the Qwest Center.

If you want to know how other Big 12 teams compare, consider the Texas Longhorns volleyball ticket link, which today resulted in this:

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