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Name That Caption - July is Corn Month

I'll admit, I'm a little late but better that than never. Worked most of last weekend, then was a little under the weather. Plus, July is pretty dead in the collegiate sports world, so we bring you an entire month dedicated to Corn.  July is that time of year that seems so depressing because we haven't had football around for what seems forever. We'll be cleaning up the site, updating the blogroll, pondering past seasons - that sort of things.

We won't stop talking about the Huskers - why just last night I'd dug out a bunch of video tapes and started watching old games. At one point I fell asleep for a bit, woke up and there was Howard Schnellenberger standing on the sidelines as the coach of the Sooners. I was sure I was in another world. I'm sure Sooner fans thought that for an entire season.

Today's bit about corn is this picture taken from a poster at a University health department. They had to realize how phallic this was when they made it, didn't they?

It's "Name That Caption" time because I know you can come up with something better than "Do you fight with your partner about their corn use?"