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Corns of the Big 12: Mizzou

Missouri, picked by the Big 12 media to win the North division. Missouri, winner of the first Husker game I attended in 1978 when they scored on a 98-yard pass play. Missouri, last winner of a conference title in 1969 when they won the Big Eight during another down year for Nebraska.

2007 sees the Tigers as a potential winner of the North division, but I can't state their position any better than SMQ has here:

but you can clearly see one of three macro possibilities at work: a) Missouri has raised its level to consistently compete with the better half of the conference, b) the better half of the conference has dramatically sunk to Missouri’s level, or c) somewhere the twain did meet.

Missouri has raised it's level of play, I'll give them that much. Nebraska has sunk over the past few years, and certainly Colorado and Kansas State have fallen. Yet Mizzou has yet to win the North. The Tigers look good, but there is very little substance to them. When looking at Missouri from the standpoint of corn there can be only one conclusion.
Missouri is Indian Corn, also known as ornamental corn. You hang it on the wall when you want your place to have that rustic look and after a while you throw it away, kind of like Missouri fans do with football season. It's there, it's pretty, then it's gone.

Other Corns of the Big 12

Baylor - Creamed Corn
Colorado - Rootworm!
Iowa State - Pea wannabes
Kansas - Hominy
Kansas State - Corn Borer!