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Morning Bloody Mary - Catching Up With the Pros Edition

I don't think I'd pointed this out, but a while back I did a post regarding Husker football for a site called Stiles Points. I answered questions like - who are the five greatest players in Nebraska history, greatest Husker ever, why Nebraska is the best program in the country, things like that.

He's running a whole bunch of interviews for various programs over there. It's made for some interesting reads.

How 'bout an interview with Brian Duensing, former Husker pitcher that was drafted by the Twins organization in 2005? Duensing has risen through five levels of the Twins farm system in just over two years.

Look at what he says about his time at Nebraska at the Twins blog - Twins Territory:

Twins Territory: What was the experience like for you at the University of Nebraska?

Brian Duensing: It was awesome playing there. I got to play in front of all of my friends and family, I was close to home and we were pretty good as well so it was really exciting. Everyday we would have 7,000 to 8,000 people in the stands, we had an awesome weight room, top notch facilities and our field was extremely nice. Everything that you needed was there. Also I did get hurt for two years but it was still a great experience and they took really good care of me.

Not a bad assessment of Nebraska, eh?

Adam Carriker has signed his contract with the St. Louis Rams, so he'll be in training camp on time. I always worry about that since Bruce Pickens got drafted so high and then didn't get into training camp because of contract issues.

Good for Adam!

Unfortunately, not so good for another former Husker Adam. Adam Treu was released by the Oakland Raiders last week. If he gets healthy someone will pick him up - every NFL team needs a good long snapper. BTW, Adam, in my sister's house in Lincoln, there's still marks in the doorway.

It shows the height marks of you, Michael, and Jill throughout the years. For some reason, you're still the highest. Good luck, Mr. Treu.

Brandon Jackson has signed as well. (HT: Acme Packing Company) Packers fans (myself included) are looking for great things from him. Still wish he'd stayed at Nebraska another season, but I'm hoping the best for him in the coming season, especially when it comes to beating the Vikings.