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Morning Coffee - Sam Keller for Heisman?

Chris Huston who runs the blog Heisman Pundit has Sam Keller and Marlon Lucky pegged as a dark horse Heisman candidates. (HT: Wizard of Odds, who has an interview with Huston discussing Keller's chances.) Has good reasoning, too. I don't care much for the Heisman trophy, I think it's the most ove-rhyped and politicized trophy in all sports, but if Keller or Lucky start to creep up the ranks, you can bet that I'll be over all that!

Any bets on nasty comments Baylor coach Guy Morriss will have this year about being picked last in the Big 12 South? He was pretty incensed last year, but I'm not sure what he expects. The Big 12 South is up for grabs, but most people seem content to pick the perennial favorites Texas and/or Oklahoma. When you look at the South, it's apparent the Big 12 is going to tear itself apart this year - it's doubtful anyone will be playing in the national title game.

Michigan blog Maize N Brew picks Kansas State to win the Big 12 North. He makes some good points. Right now, I'm like him, I can't shake the idea that Kansas State is going to surprise people this coming season. Nebraska and Missouri are the easy picks - Mizzou being a favorite amongst the mass media folks.

Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune says that the 'Tigers Have History on Their Side' with relation to being picked first in the Big 12 North. He reasons that they've finished ahead of their prediction five times, on target four times, and only behind their predicted spot twice since the Big 12 was formed in 1996.

I don't think it's that easy. Missouri just seems to be a team that can't get over the hump when it comes to winning it all, much like Iowa State. There's an enormous leap between being number one and being everyone else and that is where Missouri has failed for years.

Put it this way. Nebraska needed a freak play - the 'Flea-Kicker' to beat Missouri and to go on and share a national title with Michigan. Colorado needed five downs in 1990 and they went on to share a national title with Georgia Tech.

That's not positive karma, man. That's a curse. Until they can get past that, how can you pick them to win the North?

While you're at it, I'd like you to take a run through on T. Kyle King's dissertation about the state of ESPN coverage and why those of us in the blogosphere find it rather uh distasteful (to put it mildly). I'm not arrogant enough to believe that bloggers are going to take over the media, but we are becoming more relevant as this whole thing evolves.

The beast that is ESPN is making it easier for the blogosphere by being themselves. I have no problem with them promoting their own shows - that's normal for a corporation. But when they do it to the point it takes away from the game (which is why I watch their network in the first place), it ceases to be interesting. I haven't watched the beginning of a Monday Night (now Sunday Night) football game for a long time because I don't care to know what celebrity bullshit is being flung that night. It's boring. It's overdone. I just want to watch some football.

Welcome to Monday Morning! It's going to be a good week if for no other reason that because when it's done we're that much closer to the beginning of a beautiful season!