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Best and Worst Moments of the Callahan Era

JJ reminded me on Friday about the 18 yard field goal against Pitt...something I had finally put behind me, which got me thinking of the Best and Worst moments of the Callahan era:


  1. Texas Tech scores their 70th point after Beau Davis' fifth turnover of the night.
  1. Kansas State sniffs out a swing pass in the end zone for their second safety of the game.
  1. Kansas hangs 40 on the Huskers in Lawrence.
  1. Callahan lets his emotions get the best of him against Oklahoma (throat slash/"F-in Hillbillies")
  1. 1-AA Maine pulls to within 1 score of the Huskers midway through the 4th quarter.

But, in the interest of ending on a positive note, I'll throw in the best moments:

  1. Callahan gets a Gatorade dunk from his players after blowing out Colorado in Boulder 30-3.
  1. Barry Turner blocks an A&M field goal, Todd Peterson makes a couple of clutch receptions, and Maurice Purify leaps for the game winner in College Station.
  1. Zack Bowman finally gets the Weasels out of bounds (since the Stanford band wasn't available) to seal an Alamo Bowl victory.
  1. The Huskers block an attempted Pitt game winning field goal.
  1. Joe Dailey completes pass-after-pass on the opening drive on the opening drive of the Callahan era.  (OK, it didn't happen much after that, sans against Baylor...but it was a pretty exciting, impressive drive...)

Anybody want to throw out other candidates for best moments?  (We really don't want to remember any more of those "other" moments...)