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Corns Of the Big 12: Kansas

Kansas, the Land of Oz, the Sunflower State, and a great progressive rock band in the '70's (you know you loved "Carry On Wayward Son").

People who travel through Nebraska travel down I-80 and the Platte River Valley see probably the flattest stretch of land in the US and some of the most boring. At least Nebraska has chimney rock and the Sandhills. Kansas has..... well, what geographically interesting things does Kansas have? It's geographically more bland than Nebraska, which leads us to Kansas football.

Kansas football has been pretty futile over the years, winning Big Six championships in 1930 and tying in 1946 and 1947. In 1968, they tied for the Big Eight champion, and haven't won a title since then. Up until 2005, Nebraska owned a 36 game winning streak over Kansas.

When we examine Kansas - between geography and football we must interpret them as bland. Therefore, Kansas is the blandest of corn products. Kansas is hominy. Ever had hominy? It's that puffy white stuff that tastes like whatever you cook it with. It's made by drying corn and then soaking it in lye-water until the hulls come off. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Kanas! Have some for breakfast!

Other Corns of the Big 12

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Colorado - Rootworm!
Iowa State - Pea wannabes