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Huskers Receiver Purify Suspended for Season Opener

Husker Extra is reporting that Husker wide receiver Maurice Purify will be suspended for one game - Nebraska's opener against Nevada. Bill Callahan's complete statement:

"I met with Maurice Purify this afternoon and I believe that he has made a sincere effort to redeem himself and move forward in a positive direction.

During his suspension from our program these past six weeks he has complied with all of the requirements imposed upon him by the legal system, the general expectations of a student-athlete in our program, and the specific additional conditions demanded of him as a result of his actions.

Our primary concern for Maurice continues to be his personal well-being and we will continue to be proactive in that regard.

"Maurice has been re-instated to our football program and will participate in the final week of summer workouts beginning on Monday, and will report to training camp as part of our 105-man roster on August 5th.

Maurice will be suspended for the season opener against Nevada, and will face continued additional discipline within our football program, including extensive community service starting immediately and continuing throughout the entire season.

Provided Maurice continues to meet the guidelines of his legal probation (prohibits any appearance in a drinking establishment that primarily serves alcohol, and submission of random testing for use of drugs and alcohol) as well as the stipulations for his behavior set forth by our staff, he will be allowed to resume participation as a member of our team.

Maurice will still be subject to any additional possible University Judicial actions, but those actions remain a private matter."

My reaction:

  •  That was quick. Callahan didn't waste any time dealing with the issue. Not a bad idea, get it done in July and out of the way before training camp comes up.
  • One game? A little light, as I predicted he'd be suspended for two games, then come back for USC.
  • I thought the Wake Forest game would be tough on the road, but not this tough.

The criminal elements have been dealt with and so has the punishment from the Husker football team. Barring anything else from the University of Nebraska judicial system, the rest is up to Maurice Purify. The rest of the year will tell the world whether he was merely stupid on a couple occasions or truly has a problem.

From someone who's done a whole host of stupid things, I'm hoping for the former. The latter is too costly whether you're a star wide receiver or some guy just trying to get through the day.