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Morning Coffee - 44 Days Left

44 days left 'til the start of football season. What are your plans? Sit around inside during a beautiful summer and play the newly released EA Sports 2008? Maybe you could eat a lot of fat, greasy food while you're at it. There's nothing more attractive than an obese football-obsessed man.

A couple months after being dismissed from the Husker baseball team, it's clear that Ryan Wehrle is has his head in a dark place or doesn't want to take any responsibility for his actions:

No wonder, then, that when the Yankees took him in June with a 20th-round pick, "it was definitely a relief," he said. His sour parting with Anderson "definitely motivates me, because I really don’t know exactly what the reason was for (being dismissed)."

While I was back in Lincoln for the Baylor series, I asked a few fans what the deal was with Wehrle. A couple of them told me it was painful watching him play last season. He moped. He didn't go after balls some of the time. He acted like he didn't want to be there. If someone watching the game can pick up on this, I can only imagine what coach Mike Anderson had to deal with.

I hope Wehrle does well with his baseball career, but I'm not buying the martyr act.

Backup catcher Jeff Lanning has left the Husker baseball team, heading to the University of New Orleans. Lanning cited a lack of playing time as his main reason for leaving the team. Losing one and gaining three, Mike Anderson announced that he's picked up two pitchers and a catcher. Not a bad group he's picked up.

After being passed over in the NFL supplemental draft, Chris Patrick signed a two-year deal with the New York Giants. I wish that Patrick was back in Husker Red this coming season - you can never have enough experienced offensive lineman. I wish him the the best. I won't be rooting for the Giants any more than normal, though. Since the Packers didn't pick up Randy Moss, I'll stick with them.

One of your former favorite Huskers, Seppo Evwaraye, has ended up on the Minnesota Vikings practice squad after the demise of NFL Europa.  Good luck to him too.

I thought I was in bad shape about waiting impatiently for the start of College Football season but Trev Alberts has adult diapers on his preparation list so I have no right to complain.  This is what happens when you have a lot of minions to order around. Next thing you know, he'll be storing his urine in jars and obsessively watching 'Ice Station Zebra'. Adult diapers may be the first sign of a much deeper problem.