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Buffies Secret Desire: The Pac-10 and LaLa Land

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The Boulder Daily Camera takes on the idea of Colorado moving to the Pac-10, an idea I promoted here a couple of weeks ago. And like Woody Paige, they can't help but take a few shots at Nebraska from the mile high smoggy skies.

So how serious is this talk? Hard to say, though in radio interviews, the Boulder media suggest that the vote 12 years ago to join the Big XII was rather narrow, so if the Pac 10 were to come calling, you'd never know. They also suggest that the Big XII might want to drop Kansas State, Iowa State, and Baylor as well. They talk about adding some of the old Southwest Conference teams back in, which seems kind of bizarre. I get the idea that they think the Big XII might end up looking like the old Southwest Conference.

Other wild ideas coming from the People's Republic of Boulder include selling the naming rights to Folsom Prison Field. After only winning 9 games last season in football and basketball, I guess they figure they need to figure out how to pay for security for the student section when the Huskers come at Thanksgiving.