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Maurice Purify - Paying the Price for Stupid

Maurice Purify - arrested for suspicion of drunk driving after it looked like his pretrial diversion would get him out of earlier trouble, and now he's been suspended indefinitely from the Husker football team.

Purify is no doubt going to have to work pretty hard to get back onto the team, and even when he does, he'll most likely miss some games. That's a darned shame for a guy who is (was?) the go-to receiver.

It could be worse for the Huskers. It could have been a defensive lineman, or a running back, or a quarterback - positions in which we're lacking serious, experienced depth.  We're supposed to have plenty of depth in the wide receiver department. Perhaps this is a way of someone else getting their chance, but you hate to see that.

It's not like I didn't commit my share of stupidity in my youth and I'm sure that goes for a lot of you out there. What Purify needs now is to keep people around him that will help him stay out of trouble - friends that look out for him and want him to succeed. When you can't help yourself with pre-stupid diversion, it's best to find some people who can. Friends or mentors.

Not a lawyer, not a judge, and not the police. They're there to remind you how stupid you've been after the fact and by that time, there's always a price to pay. After his second arrest in five weeks, Maurice Purify's costs may have already gotten out of hand.