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Super Regional Picture Nearly Complete

Don't know what I was looking at earlier in the day, but I was incorrect when I stated that Oral Roberts had beaten Oklahoma State to advance.

  • Oklahoma State, a #3 seed, will play another #3 seed, Louisville in a Super Regional.
  • Michigan knocked off #1 national seed Vanderbilt. Vandy was the team that many thought was too good to be beaten and an Omaha favorite. A solo home run in the 10th by Michigan puts them in a Super Regional versus the winner of tomorrow's Oregon State and Virginia game. Oregon State forces a winner-take-all match after beating Virginia tonight, 5-3.
  • Texas A&M advanced by beating Louisiana-Lafayette 5-2. They will face fellow Texans Rice in the upcoming Super Regional.
  • Wichita State advances by beating Arizona, 3-0. They will play #2 seed UC Irvine, who advanced after beating Texas.
  • UCLA advanced, and will play Cal State Fullerton.
  • Ole Miss will play Clemson - who eliminated Coastal Carolina tonight, 15-3.
  • North Carolina will play South Carolina after SC eliminated Charlotte 11-6 tonight.

The National Top Eight Seeds were:

  • Vanderbilt (gone)
  • Rice
  • North Carolina - 2006 CWS runner-up
  • Texas (gone)
  • Arizona State
  • Florida State (gone)
  • Arkansas (gone)
  • San Diego (gone)

It's been a fairly wild run so far, eh?