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Huskers Done Along with most of the Big 12 (or.... Texas Sucked!)

I did have cell phone coverage Friday night, so I knew that we'd lost the first game to UC Riverside. My reaction was one of - 'there goes the regional' because we'd have to fight back through the loser's bracket and chances are, we'd meet up with Arizona State and their big offense just as we'd burned through our pitchers.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened as last night the Arizona State Sun Devil (think evil) blasted our beloved Cornhuskers 19-7. I'm not going to go into it - you can read the recap at

BTW, Texas just lost their own regional to UC Irvine and they aren't advancing any further than Nebraska. Someone, somewhere is thinking that Augie Garrido should be fired after two disappointing seasons in a row. Someone, somewhere is thinking the same about Mike Anderson right now. When you put the two together like that, does it make my position clear, or are you just plain stupid?

The NCAA tourney is weird all over the place - in other words, they're just as they should be:

  • I'm sure some of you college baseball fans complained about Minnesota making it into the tourney and they apparently took it to heart and eliminated national seed San Diego before they were ousted losing to Fresno State 11-6. Cal-State Fullerton - a #2 seed - advanced to the Super Regional.
  • Oral Roberts beats out Oklahoma State (and more importantly, Arkansas) for a win in the Arkansas regional? Holy cow, man!
  • Mizzou is playing Louisville right now for the right to advance, but it doesn't look very likely as they're down 16-5 in the fifth with the Tigers giving up 8 runs in the first inning. Yeeeeeeeeouch!
  • Texas, Texas, Texas! What's up with the 'Horns? They had to try to fight their way out of the loser's bracket to win their own regional. They have to beat UC - Irvine twice to get to a Super Regional. Where's the Augie factor, dammit! They weren't worried about the Big 12 tourney last week because "they had bigger fish to fry" and they didn't advance any further than Nebraska did again this season! What the hell is going on down there!
  • Texas A&M will play Louisiana-Lafayette for the right to advance. If they don't, the Big 12 is done. Forks in our butts and all that. So much for that crap about being one of the best conferences in the nation!
  • Michigan versus Vandy for the right to move on to a Super Regional. Vanderbilt is the #1 team, the #1 national seed, and here they are having to fight it out with a Northern school for the right to keep playing. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • #1 Seeds Arizona State, Rice, and Ole Miss have already advanced.

The Big 12 is sucking! Sucking! Texas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma State, and Baylor all gone! (okay, maybe Mizzou can pull off a miracle)

BTW - if you really want to follow this stuff closely, you need to check in at CSTV.