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We're Here to Help - Answer to How Long A Keg of Beer Will Last

This is short, sweet, and to the point, but it's for all y'all who keep hitting this site while searching Google for

"How Long Will A Keg of Beer Last?"

apparently inspired by an article from the middle of June.

There are apparently a number of you who are concerned about this issue.

Looks lonely doesn't it? Maybe you should give it a call, big fella...  Source:(My garage)

As always, Corn Nation is here to help. We want you to have a good summer, and given our vast experience with kegs you know that you've come to the right place for the answers to all your beer-related questions.

The answer to how long will a keg of beer will last:

As long as you keep it cold and under pressure, a keg of beer will last okay until you drink all of it which should be no more than three days after you tapped the darned thing. The key is keeping it under pressure. You preferably will do this with CO2.

The real answer:

If you are keeping a keg of beer around undrank for a week, you didn't deserve it in the first place. And that is especially true for the person who searched "How long will a keg of Bud Light last?".

I realize that we're all at different places in our lives. Some of us are about quantity. Some about quality. Some are about both (whooeeee!). If you're worried about a keg of Bud Light lasting more than two days after you've tapped it, you need to examine the quality aspect of beer, because you're not drinking enough quantity. It's that thing with life being about balance. If you're not going to drink a boatload of a piss beer like Bud Light, then you should buy better beer and enjoy a quality beer. (Note: Heineken is not a quality beer. Heineken is what you get when you soak Lutefisk in Bud Light, strain it a pour it into a green bottle.)

That is all. Thank you.  

We now continue with our regularly scheduled programming.