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Morning Coffee - Damned Near July Edition

The NCAA is being forced by it's members to re-consider the elimination of text messaging, changes to roster limits and scholarship distribution in baseball and something about golf that I don't care about because golf isn't a sport. (HT: DoubleAZone)

We need text messaging in collegiate sports, especially for recruiting. Student athletes need to be contacted by neurotic coaches on a constant basis. Nothing says "I want you at my school" than being txt'd 7,000 times a month. No doubt if they bring it back they'll set a limit on how many times you can contact a prospect and then it'll become one more thing that compliance officers need to track. This is one of those areas that needlessly drive up the cost of college athletics. No, turdhead, not the cost of a text message. The cost of how many more FTE's it's going to take to track the number of messages sent to a recruit. How you going to track that? The honor system? I did say 'neurotic' coaches, right?

And complaining about baseball limits? I'll tell you where that comes from. It comes from the top because bigger programs want to recruit as many players as they can and then dole out 'book scholarships' to them. It keeps them around. They feel special while they're starving. If these guys wanted to complain about something, then why don't they complain about the scholarship limit on college baseball and get that changed? Why? Because a lot of them don't want to put any more money into it than they have to (ahem, Minnesota). Cheap ass bastards.

Some guy from the Orange County Register gets a ride in the Big Time Cruiser. I used to be a Big Time Cruiser once in my life. No, maybe that was "Bruiser". Ah... no, that wasn't it either.  Oh, it was "Big Time Loser" - oh, thank you, Mrs Corn Nation for not letting me forget.

SB Nation has finally brought us a new Big 12 blog to pick on! Alex formerly of CrossCyed has joined us and become Clone Chronicles! Weird how that happens isn't it - but I also heard that Alex went through a sex change and is now Alexa, so maybe things aren't so strange after all.

We look forward to abusing him more than the other Big 12 schools because, well, he's all about Iowa State. I've been busy looking for K-State and Colorado blogs to abuse. If you have any that we can have fun with, let me know.

Loser with Socks shows us ESPNU's Top 10 college running backs of all time. Mostly, I don't have a problem with the list. Well, other than Reggie Bush doesn't belong on it for pulling the stupidest play ever in a national title game. And where's Texas' Ricky Williams? He might have turned into a dope later, but he was incredible in college.

Trev Alberts proves he's no homer in picking USC to beat Nebraska this coming season. Bastard. One thing to consider, though, is evidence that Pete Carroll has sold his soul to the devil? Last year, we had a horrible secondary due to depth and injury. It matched up wonderfully with the great USC receiving corps. This year, we have a better secondary, and the entire front four has to be replaced. That'll match up well with the ten five star A #1 Top Dog Big Cheese running backs USC will bring to town. Bastards.

Holy cow, I'm in a pissy mood this morning. Hopefully I'll still have a job and family at the end of the day. Oh, I forget. This happens every 'damn near July'. No college baseball. No college football. Just death and taxes. Grrrrrrr