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How Long Does Beer In A Keg Last?

Nothing a lot here, some quick shots from around the web. The question has come up today -  how long would a keg last in a fridge if you just kept one on tap. My answer - "'Til it's empty? - didn't seem to please my co-worker.

"No, no", he says. "I mean if it just sat in the fridge, how long would it be good, a couple weeks?"

He's asking this because he's from Wisconsin and they've never contemplated the idea of a keg of beer sitting around with beer still in it after a couple of days, let alone a couple weeks.

I confess - I don't know the answer to his question. I don't think I've ever seen a keg sit around undrunk either.  

Speaking of beer, Bud Light Commerical - Monday Morning Quarterback Guy is out. Hey.... Wait, maybe that's me they're talking about! Maybe I should take a drive over to Big Red Network and give them the business. Or throw up in their porch. Or... well, we won't go there publicly.

Sunday Morning Quarterback has posted preview of Nebraska. He has some good, solid points to make (particularly about our 2006 offense not being as good as we'd like to think), so be sure to go through it and leave a comment or two.

He takes a shot at Nebraska for having the nickname 'Antelopes' way back when, apparently not understand that there's gobs of antelopes in Nebraska. Not on the eastern side so much, but in the western hemisphere's biggest deposit of sand, otherwise known as the 'Sandhills'.

In case you missed it, Burnt Orange Nation had their fun with Nebraska this week, pointing out that the Huskers haven't beaten the 'Horns in Lincoln since 1933 and includes a picture of Vasher ending our hopes in 2002.

EDSBS asked "3. If I paid you $500,000 would you permanently move to Nebraska? If not, what's the threshhold? $1,000,000? $10m? For how long would you move to Nebraska for $500,000?"

and discovered that there are plenty of other places people live that aren't much more interesting than Nebraska. My thought? If wherever you are isn't interesting, you are the problem. Stop being so damned boring yourself and depending on everything else for entertainment. Oh and stop living with your parents.

Black Shoe Diaries decides to join me in 1982, declaring that we shouldn't have put ourselves in a position to be screwed. I never said that the '94 Nittany Lion team was better than Nebraska. They had a great offense, but not so great a defense. If '94 Nebraska and Penn State played each other 10 times, Nebraska would have won eight of them. And check out Run Up the Score's new look.

So many people hatin' on Nebraska. So many butts to kick, so little time and I'm really just a peaceful guy anyway. Or maybe it's that I'm lazy.

I haven't thought much about the coming football season. It's still college baseball season, but that is quickly coming to an in the next couple of weeks, as is my rec-league soccer coaching stint and an eight-year old's baseball season. Then we'll head into the most depressing month of the year - July - a time at which I tend to watch old football games incessantly. I'm contemplating spending July talking about corn. Yes, Corn, so if you have any good recipes, jokes, pictures, or insights into Corn, please send them to me.

I won't wait for August for football but I'm not that great at faking it either. I get consumed by football season, like an obsessive-compulsive disorder-type consumption, so I try to ignore it. Kind of like that keg in the fridge. Sooner or later, it will have it's way with me. In the meantime, enjoy the CWS. MLB sucks, but baseball is a great sport.