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Morning Coffee - Not Hating Roger Clemens Edition

Some drunk guy over at BON decided to start a thread about the academic prowess of the Big 12. He ranks Nebraska fourth after Texas (of course), Baylor, and the Aggies, but just ahead of Colorado. Someone called him on it, and he says I sent him a threatening email. He's lying.

It wasn't an email. It was telepathy. Must have worked, though.

Just what Colorado needs - an appeals court is considering reviving Lisa Simpson's sexual assault case.

Maurice Purify's arrest earned him a touchdown in the off-season. Unfortunately, it's in the Fulmer Cup.

Let's give 'em something to argue about - The Sporting News' Tom Dienhart put together a list ranking all the BCS coaches. He puts Bill Callahan at #21. I can't argue with that. Whether you like him or not, Callahan has yet to get a signature win at Nebraska. There were many chances last year - USC, Texas, the Big 12 Championship against Oklahoma, and the Cotton Bowl game against Auburn  - and we didn't come out on top in a single one of them. Maybe 21 is too high.

I think it's odd that he ranks Phillip Fulmer so low, but Tom O' Brien so high. Jim Grobe and Rich Rodriguez in the top five, though? Clearly the list was meant toinspire discussion more than having any meaning.

Houston Nutt is at #20, so I guess we should have hired him. If nothing else, we'd have a lot more to talk about in the off-season.

So Jon Gruden is happy to have Zac Taylor with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"You're not the Big 12 offensive player of the year for no reason, " Gruden said. "This guy's obviously been well-schooled. Bill Callahan's a great coach. They do a lot of things on offense at Nebraska and (Taylor) is the reason why. He can handle a lot of football and he can make a lot of plays with his arm and with his anticipation and with his mind, honestly."

Maybe it's not so much of a long shot for Taylor to make a NFL roster. The guy has a head for the game and there are a lot of mediocre quarterbacks standing around as backups in the league. Hopefully we'll see him in a pre-season game in August.

(So what's Roger Clemens Got to Do With Anything? Nothing Right Now. I'm in too big a hurry, dadgumit!)