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Great Weekend: Wehrle Dismissed, Purify Arrested

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Husker baseball player Ryan Wehrle becomes the second Husker baseball player dismissed this year after Mike Harmelink was dismissed for alcohol-related issues last week.

Wehrle started the season as a pre-season All-American, but never played close to that level this season.

After having several problems, head coach Mike Anderson made the decision to dismiss him.

Wehrle was taken out Friday night after flying out and did not play in Saturday's loss to Coastal Carolina. Husker Extra had these comments from Wehrle:

Reached Sunday evening, Wehrle said Anderson had criticized him for not playing hard on Friday. The two talked briefly again on Saturday, but Wehrle said he came away confused about why he was being dismissed.

If you're confused about why you're dismissed, isn't it clear that you weren't paying close enough attention in the first place?

Wehrle was an 18th-round draft pick of the Cincinnati Reds last year, but opted to come back to the Huskers. After this season, it's doubtful he'll be drafted at all.

In other wonderful news, Maurice Purify was arrested over the weekend on assault charges. He was charged with suspicion of assault, trespassing, failure to comply and resisting arrest.


In summary:

  • Nebraska went 0-2 against Coastal Carolina
  • Ryan Wehlre, pre-season All-American was dismissed from the baseball team
  • Maurice Purify, star wide receiver, gets arrested on assault charges

Who would have thought that the first weekend in May would be so crappy for the Huskers?