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Coastal Carolina Takes Game One

Andy Gerch Saves A Run Source: (

Most Husker fans have this tendency to look at baseball like we've looked at football most of our lives - that losing any game is a really bad thing. I have that same problem - it's one of the reasons I've turned to Husker baseball (and college baseball in whole), to learn that there are other sports in which losing a single game doesn't mean the end of the world. I'm hoping that it will help my family life during college football season. (Yes, they're hoping so too. Ha!!!)

Nebraska lost last night's game against CCU. Tony Watson struggled early - he's done this before. The Chanticleers jumped out early, leading 5-1 after three innings. The problem is that when he struggles early, Husker bats need to respond. Last night, they clearly did not and it resulted in a 8-3 loss.

This has happened before - a poor Nebraska Friday night showing with a turn around the next two days. Remember Alabama!

Don't give up yet, dadgumit!

Nebraska has a very high RPI. We're playing a team with a very high RPI. We're going to make the NCAA tourney. If we get it together, we can do some damage, but don't buy into this idea that we're not going to be there.