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College Baseball Hits Around the Nation

These are quick hits - regional previews all over the place. College baseball has come alive!

Bruins Nation provides a preview of the Long Beach State regional.

The guys at the College Baseball blog have done a great job throughout the season, providing some regional previews of their own - Texas A&M's regional - Houston/Rice Regional - and Tallahasee/Florida State - oh hell, they'll provide them all, just read their site!

Not to be outdone, is providing overviews of the NCAA Regionals. Start with this one at Tempe.

The one place you want to be sure t read is Baseball America's College baseball blog, done by Aaron Fitt, whom I interviewed earlier on Corn Nation.

Baseball America will be releasing a special edition podcast sometime this week - all about the NCAA tourney. Make sure to pick that up on iTunes or otherwise.

Gopher Nation provides some insight to the Minnesota Gophers and their route to Omaha through San Diego.

Joanna's Longhorn baseball page is complaining about the regional schedule. I'm not 100%sure, but I think she doesn't like the schedule. Maybe it sucks or something?

Big Red Analysis provides a preview of the Nebraska - UC Riverside match up. I completely disagree with his positions on Mike Anderson and the fact that this Husker season has been a major disappointment, but give him a look anyway. Not everyone can be perfect. Ha!

Techdirt gives us yet another reason to dislike Major League Baseball. As if there weren't enough.

One more thing. A while back, EDBS's podcast asked the question - Who's Your Favorite Retro Babe? I don't think anyone mentioned Carol Cleveland. What's the world coming to these days?  

Do I sound like I'm preparing for a long weekend away from Corn Nation?