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Athlon Sports Pre-Season - Nebraska #18

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Athlon Sports is releasing their Pre-Season Top 25 on a daily basis.

Nebraska comes in at #18, which is probably about where I'd put them if I had to rank them. They do predict that we'll be back in the Big 12 Championship game, which is also what I'd expect for next season. Given receiver Maurice Purify's off the field problems (and that Athlon features a picture of him on the page), the team could be missing one of their top offensive threats for next season.

People are pointing to the Missouri game as the big one, but until Mizzou proves that they can win a big game, why bother giving them the benefit of the doubt?

Other Big 12 Teams:

  • #23 Texas A&M - I wonder if Texas A&M is ranked here because they felt like they needed to rank another Big 12 team and the Aggies were the best choice. I'd consider ranking Oklahoma State in the Top 25 just because their offense should be incredible this coming season. If they can work out their inconsistencies, they should do some damage. The Aggies? I'm not sold on Coach Fran - he has the same problem that Pinkel has at Mizzou - can't get over that hump (although their upset of the Longhorns last year was a good sign for them).
  • #7 Oklahoma - Does anyone think that Oklahoma will really finish this high (other than Sooner fans). Bob Stoops won the Big 12 last year without a proven quarterback and an injury and problem-depleted offensive line, so anything is possible, I suppose.

Given that they haven't revealed the top five, and haven't listed Texas yet, you can bet that they'll rank the Longhorns that high. I'd rank them high - if for no other reason that they have that Texas 'mystic' going for them.