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Nebraska vs Texas for a shot at the Big 12 Title

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First, some good news - Steve Edelfsen's and Justin Seely's suspensions were lifted by the Big 12 after they reviewed what happened in the Kansas State game.

Texas A&M beat Kansas State earlier 7-2, taking Kansas State and Texas out of a shot at the Big 12 title game.

  • If Nebraska wins we move onto the Big 12 title game due to our win over Texas A&M.
  • If Texas wins, Texas A&M will advance to the Big 12 title game due to their win over Texas.

Johnny Dorn will start on the mound for Nebraska with a 9-2 record and 5.44 ERA.
Big 12 Pitcher of the Year Adrian Alaniz will start for Texas with his 12-2 record and 2.47 ERA.

In pool two, the winner of the Baylor - Oklahoma game will advance to the title game.

You can watch the game online at the Big 12 sports site, listen to it on the Husker Radio Network or