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Husker Baseball - It's Alive! Alive!

After a horrid Friday night showing, the Huskers came back Saturday, winning 10-4. It was the Nebraska team you wanted to see all year - getting hits to drive base runners home when it was needed and making the plays to get outs when they were needed. Baylor wasn't a serious threat in the game.

Nebraska then won the Sunday rubber match, 6-4,  to take the series. The highlight of the game had to be a suicide squeeze in the fifth inning by Jake Opitz. I had seats on the third base line right next to home plate - the squeeze was a thing of beauty. It was clear that it caught Baylor completely off-guard.

The Huskers had a lot of hits Sunday - 13 - but wasn't making the critical plays they were on Saturday to bring home more runs. It was enough, though. Credit that to the relief of Edlefsen and Thad Weber who got out of some jams without much damage.

The boys in blue were horribly inconsistent this past weekend. Saturday's game featured a guy behind the plate that refused to call a third strike no matter what the pitch, so most of the pitch counts reached 3-2. It was frustrating for both teams, and Husker assistant coach Andy Sawyer did his best to represent the crowd's dissatisfaction as he was tossed for arguing.

The series win puts the Huskers at .500 and in fifth place in the conference at 12-12. More importantly, it minimizes the danger of missing the NCAA tourney.